November 14, 2012

  • Request For Comment On Proposed Revenue Stream

    Hey everybody,
    We're trying something new to make more money to support Xanga.
    Say you link to an Amazon product in a blog post. Here's the new part: we're going to be adding Xanga's affiliate codes to *some* of those product links.
    Which links? Well, if you've already added your own affiliate code to that product link, we won't be adding our affiliate code.
    Also, if your account has Xanga Premium, we won't add our affiliate code to your links ever.

    Only in cases where you haven't linked using an affiliate code *and* you're a Classic member will we sometimes add an affiliate code.
    I think this is an nice way for Xanga to make a little more money, without having a negative impact on the user experience. I don't expect Xanga to make a huge amount of money from this, but an increasing number of Xanga readers are using ad blockers. Hopefully, this will help replace that revenue stream for us. We're looking to try this out as a test sometime this week.
    I'm hoping this will help the site support itself over the coming year, and serve as a counterpoint to the ad blocking that we're seeing.  We work really hard to keep ads here as unobtrusive as possible, and I am hopeful that this fits the bill.
    Could you guys let us know what you think before we move forward here?  Thanks...

Comments (112)

  • Let's turn minis into tiny ads!

  • Sounds fair to me.
    If money does get tight, you can also auction me off for a night with the highest (hawt female) bidder. That should keep the site financially stable for at least a few years.

    Anything to help!

  • Not sure what to expect until I see it in action. 

    @Under_the_Ghillie - I can almost see the auction scene from "White Chicks" in my head.. :P lol

  • I have no objections.  It sounds like a very benign and low impact change for users.

  • How about you deactivate ALL accounts using ad block software/codes.  They are breaking the rules aren't they?  Give them a warning be like, either remove the software/code or pay for premium.  

  • @Under_the_Ghillie - your altruism is schmexy ;P

  • If i can make money on xanga,that would be wonderful. I could be an xanga travel agent,going through states to see what xangans be up to, make me the face of xanga.

  • which affiliate network are you using? Just amazon? Sign up on CJ and we can work with you guys. 

    Personally, I think the linking isn't the best idea. But then again, I can't really think of anything better at this point besides a complete site redesign. 

  • I know that hulu asks for input on some of the ads. I think you should broaden your horizons by asking those not on Premium to answer some advertiser questions.

    People who do not purchase premium can be forced to answer advertisment questions. After all xanga is not really free.

  • I don't get it.

  • Sounds like a good idea. Trial it and see what happens.

  • Sounds reasonable. 

  • Sounds reasonable to me.

  • I have no clue what is going on but YEAH BOB!  YEAH XANGA!

  • I think it's a good idea, Bob. But I'm not lying when I say my perverted tail would pay money to see @Under_the_Ghillie  on a Honey Boo-Boo episode. I'm also not lyin when I say that I would pay money to see several xangans shower. (Not together, of course.)

    Just thinkin outside of the box here. I tell you, I would offer my services, but I'm afraid xanga would pay me to keep my clothes on. Well, hey, that's an idea as well!

  • I've been here almost since the start...when it was against TOS to use scripts to move or block the ads. WE all know the ads are to make cash, and that's why you all have them where they are. So, why not just block the ad blockers? (If that's possible...I'm not a programmer)

  • My main concern is margins. As long as these ad windows don't push the page left or right to make room for them, I am all for ads appearing above and below blog pages, not to the sides.

    Not to say, "If dogs could blog." save that for the top and bottom of pages where they are still visible but unobtrusive to the viewers.

    So I am requesting no more ads to appear left and right of the writing but instead top and bottom for free users, and if need be you would have more ad space, all the way across the screen if need be since most webpages only scroll up and down.

    As far as affiliates go, provided the ads are at the top and bottom of the blogs I would say go for it, and additionally give premium members the ability to turn their 'earnings' into Xanga points, not just cash, as Xanga points are much more valuable on the site.

  • @Kellsbella - I like to move it, move it

  • @Under_the_Ghillie - But would you wear a tiara?

  • @RulerofMasons - You're creepy enough as it is, dude.

  • sounds good to me

  • Do what you need to do to keep Xanga alive.  

  • Do whatever you need to do.  You can add them to premium sites too.  For that issue, you can add ads to our sites too.  

  • Sounds alright the way you describe it.

  • Sounds like a win-win to me.

  • Add a product review hub to the site. Users can submit their reviews and have their opinion featured, you can submit your affiliate link and have your income generate. 

  • Might as well and see what happens.

  • Scare everyone on xanga and state that if there is not enough revenue, fees and other stuff will happen.

    The running of xanga is still top priority for you guys at xanga. If you don't assure your revenue stream it might be the end of xanga.

  • @bloggicus_maximus - That would explain why girls don't like me.  I'm pissed off that you would call me a creep, at least I exist in your consciousness, it's like, if you were to find out I was a pedophile or serial killer it would amuse you.  Don't you see the sickness in that?  Of course not, in today's world nothing is out of grace.  Now if you had a grain of decency you would apologize... like that's going to happen, just wanted you to know that although I am a creep, I found your comment offensive.  And very homo.  What kind of guy calls another guy a creep.  You're comment is full of creep.

  • Sounds reasonable.

  • Sounds like a good idea. :3

  • @RulerofMasons - Plenty do. You must not be good at this 'social' thing.

  •          If there was a way that you could make it so we could place the ad on our page in the location of our choice that would be even better. I wouldn't mind even having the option of placing an add on my site, even with premium, as long as it were optional and I could chose the placement.I know it's not much but I get nearly a thousand hits a week, more if I post more. It seems that many premium users might not mind an occasional well placed add.

  • just so long they aren't those grey the sccreen out overlay ads I can't stand the waste those are as i have never gotten a ringtone from them nore anyone I know has.  why waste?

  • I personally would love to buy a Xanga logo t-shirt in several colors and mug and a onesie for a grandkid on the way. I think you guys tried to merch your brand a few years ago or something and it kinda flopped, but if you had a Xanga store button I'd sure press it. Everyone is doing it nowadays.  I think the Amazon thing is a good idea for non-premes.  I really liked the original editor where you could list what you're reading or watching or listening to and it would link to Amazon so people could see for themselves what you mean, now I just install the links myself, do it quite often, don't get a cent out of it.  Years ago I worked with a convention supervisor who gave me a code for a button so that all hit through my site would give him credit, can you guys do the same thing?  Kinda like google making it easy for everyone to install their bars, you guys could make it easy for bloggers to opt IN to a button code that they'd get something back out of, like minis or badges to collect.  Like now we could be earning 'Sandy' buttons or something, like good little scouts, helping you guys out.  I hope you guys find something lucrative, because I really really really really really like Xanga.

  • P.S.  I noticed your like button works great.  My like buttons are broken, don't know if my site is too old or if I broke my like button or what, but my individual posts stopped linking to facebook, now all that links over is the generic Xanga front page.  I have no idea who to ask for help on this and whether I need to remove my installed facebook like code that might have recently gone obsolete during the big migration change or what.  I think it might be an age restriction thing...?  I tried to get all my settings correct, etc.  Sorry, OT.

  • Xanga has a lot of accounts that are inactive and abandoned.  Xanga also has a lot of accounts that have been shut down.  How about put those accounts up for auction.  I know the username that I want was in use because I used it back in 2005 and then shut my account down.  I'd pay to be able to have use of that username once again.

    You could be killing two birds with one stone on this.  First off, you'd get rid of all the abandoned sites (it's annoying to come across a site not update for years) and you may make some money.  If the person buys the rights to the username, it would be like basically paying for premium.  Make it the same amount and make all those sites automatically premium.

  • @PPhilip - I don't think your idea to "scare" the people on Xanga is a good idea.  Threats of charging is only going to make them lose more users to sites such as blogger and so on.  The free blogging is what brings people here

  • Another way to make money, sell the user the right completely to the username.  For example.  If I would flat out buy my blog space, I wouldn't have to follow the Xanga Terms/Rules because I would own that portion.  The thing about it is, make sure the user can still be part of the Xanga community.

  • I like to Amazon pretty frequently and I do not have an affiliate code. Please feel free to insert yours in my post anytime.

  • Sounds good to me.  There is not such thing as a free lunch, after all.  And I for one am one of those people who will always go with the "free" site...understanding that someone has to make some revenue.  Even PBS.  So go on.....appreciate your running this by us.  I don't mind the ads.  But sometimes my ISP does.  And he gets very,very slow with the loading. 

  • Hello xanga,

    My name is Florentin Sardan and I'm the owner of girlsofpb dot com

    I've discovered some blogs/articles on your site which link to my website:

    These articles were not published by me or anyone who works here.

    The posts are spinned content (spam) based on text from my website.

    They might violate the theme of your site.

    The link inside the articles which is referring to my website is now a 404 (page not found)

    I kindly ask you to remove those blogs and articles as they harm both of our websites.

  • @florentin1307 - You have no posts ? 

  • How about we make a new ish site called pornish? You could make lots of money with that for sure. It could have lots of ads to make money, and since everyone would flock there to read n masturbate, you would attract more readers too.

    Xanga's front page is still terrible, btw. Pay someone to find intriguing posts and paste them up there. It's always the same boring peeps n posts day after day. Honestly, I barely even look at it anymore. Usually I scan it for a sec, start to fall asleep, n then go to another webpage

  • Hi, How you all dng today?

  • How about we make a new ish site called pornish? You could make lots of money with that for sure. It could have lots of ads to make money, and since everyone would flock there to read n masturbate, you would attract more readers too.

    Xanga's front page is still terrible, btw. Pay someone to find intriguing posts and paste them up there. It's always the same boring peeps n posts day after day. Honestly, I barely even look at it anymore. Usually I scan it for a sec, start to fall asleep, n then go to another webpage

  • n o t  w o r k i  n g o n c e l l p h o n e b r o w s e r.

  • The problem is all these Obama communists think everything should be free .. so they block the ads. The site isn't free to run, but it is free to use. The very least you can do is click on an ad every once in a while.

  • Yes, it sounds fair.  It is generous of you to allow people to use their own affiliate links, and it may also be better business for you in the end.

    If someone posts a non-affiliate link, they aren't deriving maximal personal benefit from that link.  They are using Xanga to promote a third party.  The third party benefits.  Xanga and the Xanga poster don't necessarily benefit.  So if Xanga can put in affiliate code to automatically pull some of those third party profits over to its side, I think that is fair, given that Xanga was instrumental in the sale.  The Xanga poster isn't harmed because they were making advertisements for free anyway.

    If someone posts an affiliate link, they are being savvy, and they must know that it's in their best interest to promote their own Xanga posts containing their affiliate links.  They are probably invested in driving traffic to Xanga.  If someone were to take away their affiliate links, they'd have less motivation to continue using Xanga, because affiliate links are clearly important to them.  So, yes, it makes sense to allow them to continue doing that.

    In short, I agree.

  • @Brian_Jeremiah - I'd be interested in any demographic data supporting the assertion that

    "all these Obama communists think everything should be free .. so they block the ads." 

    I wasn't aware that ad-blocking software correlated with one's political party or nationality.

  • I wish you would fix what is broken befor eyou star adding semthing else.  Theames have been down for over a month and nothing has been done about it.

  • Also, sell more stuff and make money. You could sell themes or additional features, for instance. Say that your donations will help support and save Xanga. You could even take donations like wikipedia does too. And you could use those donations to hire the person who finds all the frontpage content!! Tadaa! Problem solved!

    I'm talking to the xangateam here, and if the past 8 years of being here are any indication, this message won't go through. Lalalaaaa

  • The addition of Affiliate codes shouldn't be a problem for anyone since it won't affect their user experience at all. The service must be monetized somehow or it will cease to exist.

    Another way to get more money is to get more members. The social networking/media sharing site Multiply is due to close those aspects of their site in two weeks. Several weeks ago I used the Xanga contact page to send in the suggestion that they develop an API giving new users the ability to import their Multiply content to Xanga. I never heard a word back and with Multiply set to purge user content in 2 weeks I doubt you have enough time to start on it now. You missed the boat on a LOT of potential new members, many of which were paid Multiply Premium members and would have been more than happy to come here and pay given the similarities between the sites and the full customization options.

  • We have to use adblocks, you FLOOD the pages with ads that slow down the site so much!!!!

  • Even though I am a prem account,   I be quite happy to have a option to have ads on my blog site.    I don't want Xanga to die.

    This should really be in the news.    If it was a popular website it could be in the news if ads were place.

  • Sounds good to me.

  • How about you split the revenue with us so i can pay my bills too???

  • You need to fix the stuff that doesn"t work first like the private page that doesn"t show up half of the time and leaves this message.

    d'oh - error loading this module…

    please refresh the page to try again - if the problem persists, please try again later

  • since it doesn't seem to hurt anybody who's currently using their own affiliate code, then i don't see the harm; i assume amazon has approved it

  • sounds alright. lemonade stands are the money makers though, (jk)

  • I haven't the slightest idea what you are writing about.  Ads, selling --- I'm just looking for a good blog site. 

  • Like I said, when are you going to fix what is broken like having to reload pages that say error-no module can be found.

  • Hello I can't change my layout and why is a D'oh error always coming up. Can someone please fix this? Thanks!  It always says the layout is processing but it never saves a new layout I pick.

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  • I would like to see moderated comments. You do that I'll pay extra than what I'm paying for premium now. This is an option to not have a comment appear until it is approved of by the owner, either that or have the option to only have friends leave comments.

    Should be simple enough to do - and this would end all spammers and trolls completely, freeing up your staff from having to handle them each day as I know you are already burdened with them now. Φ 

  • I got a tatoo of a Xanga logo on my chest and planned on using my body as a billboard. Unfortunately, my shirtless river dancing routine hasn't beem as well recieved as I had predicted it would be.

  • As long as you're not blocking someone else's affiliate revenue, I see no problem. Then again, I also don't see a problem with ad blockers either. It's a phantom loss when there's no buyer behind the ad blocker.

  • And I am still asking when you are going to fix what is broken before you start putting new stuff in, like the private page module that has to be constantly reloaded or refreshed, and the xanga themes that keep disappearing and can not be downloaded again.

  • Hey Bob, I think that's a great idea. I appreciate the service, and what you're proposing wouldn't be intrusive or problematic in any way at all. In fact, I think there are several other ways you could enhance Xanga's revenue stream, at least one of them mentioned here already. Why not offer credit discounts to users who agree to allow a small ad to be displayed on minis they buy? There aren't many places I'd make a recommendation like that, but you guys have done a great job of keeping advertising as low key as possible, so I don't fear that you'll take anything new to the extreme either. In the meantime, I'll look for the occasional opportunity to link to Amazon products when they would be relevant to whatever I happen to be writing about, and I encourage other users to do the same. Peace .

  • You can't even keep the site running, and you want to be paid?  I CAN'T SAVE A THEME.  No one can.   Been like that for a while now.  Go ahead.  Shove more ads into the thing.  There won't be anyone left to look at them.

  • hi everyone im trying to lose weight i am currently at 36inch and i want to get down to 32 in a hurry dose anyone have any good ideas ive tried looking at pro ana and its helped but my mum is getting suspicious  thanks 

  • That is pretty unobtrusive.  Go for it.

  • I am with ya , and want you to do what you can.

  • we should sell cookies door to door. xanga cookies

  • I have no problem with it. If Xanga doesn't make money, we no longer have a place to blog.  I have premium and it's worth every penny to me, and I still don't turn off the ads.  They typically advertise something I'm interested in anyway, and if I'm not, I just ignore them. 

  • I say go for it!

  • Sounds much better than some of the suggestions written here. No sense in alienating many users & have them go else where. Ads can be so intrusive on many sites that people just block them all. That has happened on a few sites that I have been on so yes I do block them all. Not to hurt the businesses using the ads for dollars but just so I am not bombarded all of the time.

    I am new here. I haven't been on Xanga long. So it can go either way with me. May stay may not. The one thing that I loved & bragged about on another site was that for blogs you allowed users to CHOOSE the size of the pics they put into blogs. Apparently this feature is now gone & the first blog I put up now has a chopped off pic. As apparently it is not the new size that ALL pics in blogs are. This is definitely bad. Already a few people are now using "other" sites to post pics & are re-thinking this site as the site to move to. We all moved due to the other site closing. Scattering here & there. But a group from the old site is already making a new blogging site. So many are waiting to see how that goes & if it goes well they will all move there. It is just something to think about.

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  • dont know where to put it so im going to put it here.  i deleted my xanga account and opened a new one.  decided to try out a new theme but i cant seem to get the page to load because its always processing??? in other words, its taking a long time to process.  i've checked the FAQ page and it seems im not the only one with the issue.  goes far back as a year ago.  please help! 

    i really want a theme since im tired of looking at this plain one.  its so plain

  • Yo there's a big problem with the xanga app for iPhone. Now that YouTube has changed it's site it takes you there when you click on a link. The weird part is that it does it in the app and there's no way to get back to xanga. I exited the app and went back in but it took me to YouTube instead. It's like a YouTube app that says xanga on it.

    Oh well, on the brightside I always wanted a different YouTube app.

  • ¿Where do I unsubscribe?  

  • This sounds fair. I understand that your site needs money. Thanks for letting us know. :)

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  • thats fine to keep it free for those of us who don't seek premium then we need something to keep us online to blog. Thanks.

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  • Anything to help ...but the I need help and the help function is not helping....How do we get help from Xanga?

  • like Edna replied I'm dazzled that someone able to get paid $5103 in a few weeks on the internet. did you read this webpage

  • Red8Robin, Google adsense pays by the clicks.  Have you  every thought of signing up? Below is the link to the Google adsense join site.

    Happy Holidays,   Red8Robin

    Good idea keep on.  Best!

    Would appreciate a visit to my Pluse site

    Thank you for stopping by for the visit. 

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  • i have no idea what you said up there.  because i'm not techno savvy.  but i do STILL wish i could get through to read blogs from friends who have friends lock on and who want me to be able to access their blogs.
    my friend's lock doesn't like friends?  at least not new friends?
    if you need specific names, ask john...he knows.  :)  

  • wait what just happened?  i accidentally double posted and when i deleted one they both disappeared.
    cripes.  anyway...i don't know what you're talking about in this blog b/c i'm easily confused and not techno savvy.  :] 

    however, i would like to know when my xanga self will be allowed to be friends with my friends on xanga.  it's not like they don't want me there...they do...but somewhere along the way my friends-dealie has ceased to function.  i'm locked out of where i'm wanted and, while i can read their blogs via my subscription list, i cannot get to their site to comment. it's very frustrating.
    i do know that john was looking into it a month or so or more ago but still no fix.
    *insert ridiculously big [for my age] baby sigh here*

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