May 11, 2013

  • Post-mortem on yesterday's downtime

    We had some downtime yesterday for some users, and wanted to share a post-mortem on what happened.

    Early yesterday morning, we got some reports that some Xangans couldn't reach  We were able to quickly confirm it ourselves, and also confirm that traffic was significantly down.  However, there were still a good number of users who *were* able to reach the website... we could see them showing up in our server logs.  Plus the site came up for us on our iPhones, even though it was down on our PCs.
    So the servers were still up, but some users weren't able to reach them.  That was a huge clue.  About 3 anxiety attacks later, we were able to ascertain that most likely, the routing table on one of our bandwidth providers was broken.  We got in touch with them and they were able to fix the issue... and service was restored to all.
    We have been exploring alternatives to our current hosting setup.  More on that soon... but in the meantime, wanted to share this post-mortem with you guys.  If you experienced any downtime yesterday, we are very sorry!
    Please let us know how the site is working for you now!

Comments (58)

  • Working fantastic now. Thanks for sharing!

  • Works great! Thanks for this message!

  • Doing much better now. Thanks kindly for your hard work and dedication to keep us happy.

  • Thank you; everything seems to be working fine now!

  • I noticed I could not access it but it was not at a time that I usually use xanga anyway so I figured it would be up later. We appreciate you working through the issue and keeping xanga up and going.

  • I had a HUGE panic attack. I would've died if I couldn't access all my blogs again D:

    But I'm glad that it's back up and working great! Yay Xanga!

  • Xanga is still cool,     I am quite surprised that this did not featured in the news.    Xanga may not be very popularly with Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc.       This should have been breaking news Xanga is down in the news as well as other breaking news articles.

  • I kept trying for the longest to log on and it was anxiety-inducing lol!!!! Thank god you guys are back up! I rely on xanga waaayyyyy more than I thought! Thank you guys so much for fixing the issue :) .

  • It didnt affect me, but thanks for the quick response time for my friends that did have an issue.

  • Thanks for getting this fixed! It's still slow and a little wonky, but back to where it was before this issue occurred.

  • Before my computer bit the dust, Xanga was coming up as an infected site. It only happened three times in the past. All three times, my computer wound up getting hit with a virus that rendered it useless

  • When you write, "iPhones" do you mean Android too, b/c I tried several times and no luck yesterday morning.

    Worked fine in the evening when I tried again.

  • Yay it was not your server

  • I was really extremely worried at that time

  • I always trust that you know the best course of action moving forward!

  • poor excuse,  just their way of saying it was not our fault,  blame someone else, CRAPP, just goes to show how crapp this site is,  people are leaving this site faster than it snows,  my Xanga page is still locked on the 5th may entry. and it keeps closing its self down, Xanga that is... 

  • thepowerman...   I can believe that it was a virus that shut Xanga down, and caused all the problems,,  lets face it, Xanga are not going to admit that they had bee hacked/virus, are they, that would look bad for them..   I have been working with computers for 35yrs,and I have direct access to a server,  in my opinion xanger are amateurs,

  • I THINK   XANGA ARE GOING TO DO     THE SAME AS  MSN  (MICROSOFT).  ££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££        GOING TO ASY YOU TO PAY FOR  IT,...    ALL OF IT.. ..         


  • I was one that was locked out. It seems ok now, but it has been giving DNS errors on loading for months, making me refresh to get to the homepage, or sometimes to specific sites on here. Also, several of my sites I sub to can't be seen when they update via the SIR page. It's been going on for months, and it's annoying.

  • Whoa...THEY'RE ALIVE

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  • ^^^ I love that even the xanga team's own site is not immune from the blatant spam comments. If you can't keep them away from here, I guess there's really no hope for the rest of us...

  • Thank you for telling us what happened. I couldn't sign in to Xanga till about noon yesterday, and when I finally did, I felt like jumping up and down. I knew it was not my computer, because I had called and asked my daughter in law if she could get on, and she said she couldn't. Anyway, thanks a lot for repairing the problem.

  • Thanks for all the hard work you do to keep Xanga up and running! I appreciate you!

  • I was typing one of my poems and the computer would not publish that comment. Fortunately I saved the poem and posted it later when the computer server for xanga returned back to order.

    I knew it was not my computer because I could go to other sites other than xanga. It is good to know what is happening so that the wrong folks don't get blamed.

    It happened around 11 pm thursday night (pacific time)and I thought maybe too many folks were on xanga at that time.

    The xanga team is not dead, they just wait until something happens to roar into action.

  • Thanks for letting us know.

  • Glad to see it back up.

  • @tonyscotland2013 - keep calm, and take your meds

  • You had down time? Damn! I seem to miss all the fun. Can you let us know sooner next time please?

  • @Ghillies_guide - ive read your page,  you seem like some kind of nut...

  • have you noticed on this Xanga site, when you read all the title sites ie,  bi/gay 13/18, 6020 gay teens 2052...  gay teens 2053...  gay teens 13/19. youth 2164... they all have the same people on them,  so really there is only one site,  instead of as they claim  having around 13200 people on here on 5 sites, there is only around 2500..

  • Well done on being quick to respond.

  • Thank you for the prompt work you did to get xanga back up and running.  great job and we do appreciate you all very much.

  • I didn't have any issues yesterday, thankfully. Keep up the good work guys!

  • my screen is tiny, and I don't know how to fix it.  It isn't this way for the other sites that I use.  How do I fix it?

  • Thanks Xanga for your hard work in fixing this issue.We had a similar problem and it was a pain to correct.

    TeriTeri GreenAtlas Biomechanics

  • my skype id saifulhasib1

  • Thank you for your hard work on this!

  • @marc @john - very appreciated on the communication flow during the downtime - it helped out.   

    I know things will do nothing but continually improve. :)

  • I had a virus Malaware warning on my site. I wrote to Eugenia about it, but did not hear back from her. Although I am on site today, I am still afraid if I am safe. 

  • working fine at the moment, thanks!

  •          All was/is fine on this end.

  • Thank you for sharing, interesting as well!

  • It must've been a hack of some sort, or something you were doing undid other things... because for the past month or so, I've had no spam, and no suddenly it's three a day, again.  I just block and delete, rinse and repeat.  

  • I experienced this - the page appeared to have loaded with no further required progress indicated, but the page was blank...

    ... Glad to know it was resolved quickly :)

  • Thanks for all the work you do.

  • Do we get paid for blogging on here?

  • Was wondering what was wrong,thanks for quick fix

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  • it's working ,thanks for sharing :)

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  • Thanks for getting it up and running so quickly.  I hope you can work out a good solution with your service provider or can find a more reliable one.

  •          For such a long time I couldn't change my font nor the size. Now I can. I don't know what you did, but I am an 84 year-old lady blogger who thrives on blogging and reaching friends here!   I need to go back and erase some of the sites I used to blog on. I will figure that out later. Just accept warm regards!

    Grandma B

  • As always, I appreciate your candor.  

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