September 5, 2013

  • We’re working to make ~2 million blog archive backups available for FREE download asap

    I¬†mentioned previously that we’ve migrated all Premium users and campaign contributors over to the Xanga 2.0 servers.

    In addition, we also have prepared downloadable archives for the ~2 million Xanga blogs saved on our servers… specifically:

    * We generated blog archives for every Xangan who has signed into the site in the past 5 years, as long as they have more than two subscribers (to rule out spam).
    * We also generated blog  archives for every Xangan who has signed into the site in the past year, and has at least ten blogs overall.

    We are currently working to make these archives available asap to all of our users (for free, of course). We’ve been working on this all day, and hope to have it available soon. There will be two ways to retrieve your data.

    1) Once we launch this feature, you will be able to sign into Xanga and download the archive (for free) from the link at the top of your dashboard, or

    2) Upgrade to Xanga 2.0 and we will upgrade your blog to the new servers using the data in the backup.

    Let me know if you have any questions!

    ps We’ve been tuning the servers all day to run faster… let us know if you can feel a difference in the site speed!

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  • THANK YOU!!!!

  • I am not sure if I have at least two subscribers on my site. I only use it for my own personal writing. I’ve been active on the site so please tell me that my blogs are still there…

  • Thanks so much for the update. This makes me feel better. I didn’t have any friends/subscribers because I made all of my blogs private. However, I did have hundreds of blogs on the site and I’m sure I have posted more than ten this year- does that mean mine have been saved?

  • It seems to go lots faster than the old xanga! Now if I could just get changes I make to my theme to save…

  • Thank you for information. I try to login many times but my previous posts are still absent. I just got my subscribers back. Appreciate if I can get back all my posts asap.

  • I’m just praaaying that everything is back to they way it’s supposed to and I still have my entries. Kind of hoping it’ll be done like tomorrow lol just to be a little impatient :P

  • Thanks for the update — it would be even more helpful if posted on Xanga as well.

  • Hi Xanga

    Thank you for the update. I am looking forward to seeing how Xanga 2.0 folds out in the next couple of weeks and months etc.

  • Well, I don’t have subscribers!!!! My blogs are ALL PRIVATE. How do I get my blog back?? This is so frustrating. I spent countless hours writing my blogs. If you would have warned me, I would have backed up all my blogs before you switched! I don’t understand how you can do this without warning us.

  • Thank you so much – I’m also not sure if I had subscribers, due to so many private posts – but I will be eternally grateful if I can back up my data!

  • Ok. Sorry, I read that wrong, you will transfer my blogs as long as I’ve logged on in the past year. Phew. =)

    I do have a blog that I used to use when I was in middle school and it contains most of my childhood memory. Unfortunately, I haven’t logged in (b/c I lost the password, hence my new blog) in 5 or 6 years. Is there any way I can ensure that the old blog is migrated? I’m willing to contribute money in order to get my old blog back. Again, lots of memory in the old blog.

    Thank you.

  • That would be helpful for me since I don’t have anything up yet >.<

  • Thank you so much for you guys’ hard work! I’m in the woods now, although some images missing at the moment and I’ve got to spent a while to get use to the new Xanga 2.0,but I truly believe everything would be fine very soon coz you guys’ working so hard, good job!bty,may I ask ,I am member for life since 2007,and I have 17 followers.Am I entitled to downloadable the archives? Thank you :) )

  • Hi, I am Premium users and can be login to new Xanga 2.0 to read and create new post now, but I can’t found all my Photos in the site and please let me know how to backup the site archives?
    or just waiting when whole the migration finished?


  • thx

  • I am seeing the link to download the archives! Look at the left side of the dashboard, not at the top. Download is in progress….thankful this is finally available!

  • I cannot see any post with my Iphone and my friend’s Android phone. Any idea when will we be able to see?

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