Month: June 2013

  • Don’t miss Roadlesstaken’s radio show tonight at 7 pm EST!

    Alex will be interviewing me tonight on his radio show at 7 pm EST… details here!

    The Xanga Team’s John Coming Soon to My Radio Show!

    Talk with you guys tonight!


  • Update on Relaunch Xanga fundraiser, and Xanga Archives news

    Hey guys, we’re almost halfway there to reaching our fundraiser!!

    Thanks so much to everyone ($28,874!!) for your support.  We’re beyond excited, and hard at work preparing for the relaunch of Xanga!!

    I also wanted to share a bunch of news on the Xanga Archives feature… including these two announcements:

    1) We’ve built XML archives and they are now available!

    We just built an XML archive generator for everyone’s blog posts. You can generate the XML archive (and then download from our servers) here… just go here to “Update your Archives”, and then download the second file:

    The XML archive is WordPress-compatible, and you can convert it from there into any number of formats. We’d love for you to stick with Xanga (and hope that you do!), but wanted to make sure you guys have your data.

    2) Please make sure to also download your photo archives!!

    We wanted to make sure that everyone gets a copy of all of your photos, so we have had a complete download of your photos for a while now. The third file in on our archives page is a file that contains all of your photos!

    Please make sure to download all of your photos (along with all of your other archives, while you’re at it).

    One note: if you view your archives (either in HTML or XML), the photos should all appear nicely. But we wanted to give a heads up that your images are still being served off of Xanga’s servers! So you definitely want to download your photos, so you have a copy of them.

    Please note: we definitely are aiming to raise our full fundraising goal, and keep Xanga up for everyone! In that case, we plan to use the same URLs for all of your photos and they should all just keep on working.  This is just a heads up to download all of your archives, just in case.

    While we’re talking archives, we fixed three issues in our HTML archives that were flagged by a few users.  Continue reading

  • Update on our Relaunch Xanga fundraiser!

    Thanks to everyone for your support for our Relaunch Xanga fundraiser!  With a month to go, we’re almost half-way there (~45%)… with $26,879 out of $60,000 raised.

    Thank you for your support!! It’s very exciting… and in the meantime, we’ve been hard at work preparing for the potential migration over to a new WordPress platform!

    We’ve gotten a number of questions, so I wanted to come up for air and share some answers here:  Continue reading