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  • I'm looking forward to it!

  • Should be good,    I will listen to the play back as it far to late for me to listen live here in the United Kingdom.

    Good luck.

  • Should be an informative show and hopefully we can cover most of the questions I've gathered from the community.  Talk to you then!

  • Thanks for doing this and good luck!

  • I expect a full house on this one. 

  • I literally know someone who can donate 60k but she only blows that much money on a ios game x-x!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @Imsoshysorta2 - maybe she'd donate $5K or $10K -- hve you asked her?

  • Looking forward to it.

  • Thanks everyone for tuning in!  The show is now available on demand for those that are interested in listening.

  • You did a great job, and the information you provided really impressed me. Thanks!!

  • You need to port over FREE ACCOUNTS that have CONTRIBUTED $48 or more!

  • John - thank you for participating in the show and sharing your perspective.  I hope the community will listen to it and be more confident in the vision going forward. 

  • I am really looking forward to watch this show. I hope it will really enjoyable show.

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  • 27k in 13 days? CACKLE. 

  • The XML download has stopped working. Will it be fixed?

  • hello John, one more question:

    If I pledge sufficient funds for 2 years of membership, could that count towards two consecutive years for me, or must it be split between me and another member?

  • I listened to every moment of Alex's interview with you. You said that this week, you were not only planning to update us, but that we'd get to see something of what xanga 2.0 would look like.

    It's been a week. I'm really disappointed by another unkept promise. Even so, I still pledged. Because even if I don't have faith in a team that is full of excuses, I care about this site and this community.

    The funny thing is, this kind of leadership is why I quit my work with Momaroo. Every excuse was, "we're too busy behind the scenes." Never explained, never defined. Never treated me like a part of the team. And you are doing it to us as your financial backers, too. That is a very poor business practice. And yet, out of love, I stick around.

    For reference, I'm SarahSmurfette. Eugenia has my letter of resignation from earlier this year spelling out much of the same. Just to back up my claim in this comment.

  • I was about ready to pledge even though I have absolutely no faith in the Xanga Team whatsoever, however, I noticed up above that someone said you need to port over free accounts that pledge $48 - I'm taking this to mean that since I'm not currently a premium-paying member even if I pledge $48 my account will still be shut down and I'll have to start over?  The reason I stopped paying for premium was the fact that so much on here doesn't work and the "team" is basically absent.  And what happened to the update and the demo?!?  No, I don't think I'll be pledging after all.  

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