Month: August 2013

  • We’re starting the migration to Xanga 2.0 at midnight tonight!

    Ok our last minute checks have been going well, so we’re going to start the migration to Xanga 2.0 in a few hours!

    We will be taking the site down at midnight tonight (EST)… we’ll be physically moving our servers tomorrow, over the course of the day. We will be working on the migration over the weekend… and will be posting updates on the migration to Twitter here:

    We hope to have the new Xanga 2.0 site up for you guys as soon as possible!  Please stay tuned to our Twitter feed for updates…

  • Xanga 2.0: 2 million blogs and 25 terabytes of photos backed up and ready to go!

    We’ve made a lot of progress on the Xanga 2.0 data migration!
    tl;dr version:
    * We’ve created backups of ~2 million Xanga blogs.  If you’ve been active on Xanga in the past 5+ years, we’ve most likely archived all of your posts and are ready to migrate you over to Xanga 2.0 (details below).
    * We’ve also migrated over every photo that’s on our servers now to Xanga 2.0 (~25 terabytes).
    * We’ve moved over every single user’s login and their subscriber/friend relationships.
    * We’re gearing up for the move in the next few days…
    Detailed version below:   Continue reading