August 29, 2013

  • Xanga 2.0: 2 million blogs and 25 terabytes of photos backed up and ready to go!

    We've made a lot of progress on the Xanga 2.0 data migration!
    tl;dr version:
    * We've created backups of ~2 million Xanga blogs.  If you've been active on Xanga in the past 5+ years, we've most likely archived all of your posts and are ready to migrate you over to Xanga 2.0 (details below).
    * We've also migrated over every photo that's on our servers now to Xanga 2.0 (~25 terabytes).
    * We've moved over every single user's login and their subscriber/friend relationships.
    * We're gearing up for the move in the next few days...
    Detailed version below:  
    Here's where things stood last month:
    * We had successfully moved over all of our user accounts into the new Xanga 2.0 system, so that each and every one of our current users will be able to sign into the new Xanga.
    * We had also successfully imported the blogs of all of our current premium users.
    * We were in the process of migrating over every single photo that's on our servers now.
    * We were moving over everyone's avatars as well.
    Since then, we have successfully migrated over all the data described above:
    * In addition to moving over all our Xanga user accounts, we've also moved over all of the friend/subscriber relationships.
    * We have copied over all the photos from the Xanga server, so that we have ~25 terabytes (that's 25,000 gigabytes) of photos ready on Xanga 2.0.
    * We have migrated over everyone's avatar as well.
    We have created a backup file of 2 million Xanga blogs.  This way, if any of users described below contacts us, we'll be able to add their blog to the new Xanga 2.0 system.  Here's how it breaks down:
    * We've archived the blogs of the hundreds of thousands of blogs where the user has logged in in the past 5 years and has at least two subscribers.
    * We've also archived the blogs of every single user that's ever been premium at any point in the past...
    In short, if you've been active at all on Xanga... we should have all of your data ready to import into Xanga 2.0!
    * If you're currently premium, then your data has already been imported into Xanga 2.0 and is ready to go!
    * If you're not premium but pledged to support our crowdfunding campaign, we've emailed you a questionnaire asking which username you'd like to import over.  We're currently importing the hundreds of people who have already replied.
    If you haven't received our email and already let us know which account you'd like imported, please let me know below and I can send you the questionnaire again!
    Either way, we have backups of 2 million blogs ready... odds are that if you're reading this, we have your blog backed up and waiting for you!
    Our main goal with phase 1 of the Xanga 2.0 migration has been to get as many people's data backed up (and migrated) as possible.  Once the dust settles from the move, then we'll shift gears to building features for you guys!
    Thanks to the everyone for your support and patience over the past few months.  We can't wait to show you Xanga 2.0!  We are doing a last check of the images, blogs and avatars we've transferred over... then we'll start the migration on the backend.  Depending on how that goes, we'll be starting the public-facing migration of Xanga shortly after...

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  • Yay. Thanks for the update.

  • how about cutting out all the crapp   and give us a date , a simple question which Xanga finds it very hard to answer,   my research shows during this period of silence by Xanga, they have lost over 50% of  the teens who were on here,  have you noticed that they never bother to reply to these comments made by us, . its called being ignorant....

  • Hooray! Good to hear.

  • I'm glad to hear it's going!!!  Wow Terabytes?!!! That's amazing huge!  I am looking forward to using the new interface and still having access to my xanga friends. Thank you for all the hard work you have gone to here. We're rooting for you!! :)

  • @tonyscotland2013 - they've given us 3 dates already:  7/15, 7/31, and end of August.  Would you believe them if they gave you another date?

  • So where do we email to get answers to our questions?  Anything I post here doesn't get a reply and I'm in the dark.  I am a "life" member, which I understand is no longer "life" but will I get migrated and an opportunity to decide if I like the new version and pay for it?  Or am I just gone.  And if I decide not to subscribe and pay what happens to my data?  Is it floating around for someone to plagarize and steal or do you delete it?  You say, "let me know"... uh, WHERE do we let you know because I'm sure not finding easy answers.

  • I've pledged to support the crowdfunding but haven't yet received any questionnaire... Mind sending me one?

  • And my question still remains UNANSWERED from June when I first posted it.

    How do I obtain a password to an account I now longer have an Email address for?  Just how does that happen?  You're gonna transfer the account (I made it one of the two I "paid" for) .... so just how do I actually ACCESS that account?  Can you somehow tie "BethelAbba" over with my "JulieMillerFan" account so that both somehow run on the same password and Email addy?

    I've asked this numerous times now... can someone please address it?

  • @JulieMillerFan - please email us at to regain access to any old Xanga account. Thanks!

  • Dear John and Team,

    I've been (not so) patiently waiting. Thank you for the positive update. I can hardly wait to play with the new setups and themes, and will hopefully have more customizing choices than with the last platform.

    Michael F. Nyiri, poet, philosopher, fool

  • I would like to receive the questionnaire, can you please send it to please? The email address which i used to sign up doesn't valid now, thanks !

  • Please send me the email I haven't got it onfung.chan@gmail.con

  • Thank you for the update....On September 3rd, I will expect to log in as I've normally done....I've gained friends on here that I have come to cherish.....
    God Bless!!

  • @tonyscotland2013 - chill the hell out and learn to use punctuation.

  • If you ever decide to straighten out and offer free basic blogging again, I'll be back. 

  • Dear Team,

    Sorry that I was failed to leave message in Customer Service Page, so I decided to leave my question here.

    Question1: I had login to my xanga around 7pm, and I was still able to view all my entries at that time. However, I found that all of my entries from 2005-2010 are LOST, and only some entries from 2005-2004 are displayed. All those entries are very important to me. Is there anyway to revive all the entries??

    Question 2: Only some of my entries from 2004-2005 are archived. How about rest of them??

    My username is chi_1010. Could you please kindly help to solve the problems?? Thank you very much in advance!!! 

  • Wow this is a lot like waiting to be murdered except not knowing when it's going to take place.

  • Glad to hear we are about ready to transition. Kind of a shame that in the period of long silence, I migrated my entire blog over to WordPress already. 

  •          Looking forward to seeing 2.0!  I had a problem with the e-mail response and used the web version insteaad -- rather nervous aabout that, as it could be forgotten! 

  • Thanks for the update :)

  • This is a great news.. Can't wait to see it!!

  • Sorry, please kindly ignore my previous message. I know what's the problem.

    Thank you very much for your continously support!!!

  • I got my email and sent the response already. Can't wait for the new site. :)

  • I'm [lifetime] premium, but I also pledged support and got the email (and responded to it).  So, I assume all my transition bases are covered? :)

  • great!!! thanks for the update!

  • So if I'm getting moved over to Xanga 2.0...does that mean I don't have to pay? Is Xanga going to be a free blog still or...what's going on...

  • Thank you - I appreciate how hard you've been working to make this happen.

  • I cannot wait to see the new xanga running ; BRAVO !
    However I keep you informed I always have been premium member and also pledged to support xanga. I have also received and replied to your email.
     I wish you courage

    In friendship
    Michel( the only one Frenchman of xanga )

  • @brandon32490 - If you're not paying, then all you can do is read and comment, but no blogging for you.

  • Thanks for all your hard work.  Hope I can get used to the new format.

  •  Wow that a lot of blogs, I always thought Xanga had about 200 millions blogs.

  • Hi, I have not checked in for awhile, can you send me the questionnaire  Thanks, glad there is going to be a Xanga 2.

  • I'm premium, but I haven't received an email?

  • Yeah ,@eatdrinkandbemaryy -  I wanted to check on that too. If I'm premium, then I don't have to count that list against the accounts I bought?

  • @storyslut - The questionnaire is for people who pledged to our fundraiser...  just to ask which accounts they'd like moved over!

    @eatdrinkandbemaryy@GreekPhysique - Yah if you're premium, you're automatically being moved over!  Then if you purchased any years of Xanga blog membership through the fundraiser, those will be added to your subscription as well...

    @AmyinVA - Yup thanks for all your support!  Since you're premium now, we're definitely moving you over!

  • I have not received the email.  Please send me the questionnaire one more time. Thank you.

  • @iamwoojin - Just checking... did you pledge to support the Xanga 2.0 migration?

  • how do I email you without posting on a public web page?  Thank you.  @TheXangaTeam - 

  • I have not yet received the email, I have er had lifetime premium and I did pledge $480.00. I would like to gift memberships to 9 other Xanga friends of mine.

  • Thank you so much for all the hard work you did to make this possible!
    I sat and cried a few months ago (sad tears) when I thought Xanga might not be around soon. Now I sit here and cry (joy tears) to think that you have worked to make this possible for so many of us who love Xanga and Xangans!

  • @iamwoojin - You can email me at

    @Aloysius_son - Hmm, I remember sending you the email!  Please email me right away at with the usernames you had in mind!

  • @TheXangaTeam - Just for clarification, are all pledges being considered valid for blog migration, or is it limited to pledges that are $48 and above?

  • @SoullFire - Blog migration is limited to pledges above $48...  sorry for any confusion!

  • Thank you John and the Team. We have been waiting to hear just this. I am sure we will enjoy Xanga 2.0 just as much as we did Xanga 1.0.

  • @Ldami - I will use punctuation when people stop using  OMG...LOL... ect... and when Xanga tell the people whats going on....and what they intend to do with the £40.000$ + people have given to them... and if people don't like me writing without full stops...commas don't read it... or should I say  TOUGH....

  • @TheXangaTeam -  I have not received any e-mails yet. Am I ineligible to be transferred over? Does that mean I won't have a Xanga at all once the 2.0 starts? I was premium in the past.

    Here's my e-mail just in case you need it; 

  • Wondering how I access my page once it is transferred to the new forum.

  • I honestly have no idea which e-mail you would have sent mine to, so please send me an e-mail at because there is also a question that I would like to ask you. Thank you.

  • @swayXX - You will still have a Xanga account, and be able to subscribe, read and comment on people's sites!  But only people who were premium or who pledged to the fundraiser will have a blog...

    @lonelywanderer2 - Your blog will be at the same location ( and you'll be able to log in using the same account info!

  • @TheXangaTeam - Thanks for your prompt reply!!!  Also, I just updated my e-mail address.

  • Thank you for the update!  

  • I pledged during the campaign, but have not received a questionnaire. Please send me a copy so I know I won't lose my account. Thank you. 

  • I have not received an email yet.  I am/was a premium member.  I went to pledge a few days ago and my credit card would not go through.  I feel very lost in this whole process.

  • @CJin - We'll make sure to migrate you!

    @MOM2_4 - As a premium member, your account will automatically be moved over!  We will get our funding page back up soon, and you can pledge then... thanks!!

  • I am so excited and eagerly awaiting the creation of our village new site. Many thsnks for the xanga team updates, and make me feel i may the decision to continue blogging here. Kudos and hip hip hurrah to John and the team.

  • Hi John and Team,
    I'm from Europe and don´t have Credit Card / Visa gifts or any other way to pay the $48 with the internet. I would like to know if you are considering other ways of paying it (for instances by mobile) or we - as I assume I'm not the only one in the world - are going to be "xanga-excluded"?
    I've posted this questions in several comments and tried to message Xanga team (that don't take messages) and left a comment on Xanga Facebook and the reply (on Facebook) was that I should send my username and e-mail in a private message.
    Xanga Team says that " We
    may enable payment by certified check or money order, but we can
    attempt to preserve your account while we are in transition. "
    I've just sent the private message... and I'm waiting more news to be able to pay... =)

  • Still never received any email it's

  • Thank you for the update.

  • email me if you can...thank you...

  • @Burgundee -  I just checked and don't see you on the list of pledgers for our crowdfunder?
    @locomotiv - We will make sure to save an archive your posts, in case you decide to upgrade later!

  • Is mine safe?! I don't wanna loose anything. ☺

  • Hey -- I've pledged but haven't recieved and email :( .

  • i would like to import over, my email is x.midnight_sunshine,

    congrats guys xx

  • I have not received any contact from the Xanga team. I did  email John at the address given above.

  • I have just paid 4000 xanga credits to upgrade as 1 month premium, so does that mean all my entries will be transferred to the new xanga?? Someone answer me pleaseee :'(

  • I haven't received an email yet for my account: Dingle_Fairy.

  • I'm surprisingly delighted you have gotten this far. Even more so without one single snapshot of this new blessed site for which we can cozily toast our pommels.

    Well - stranger things have happened. Miracles do occur, I think you and I will both need it at this point. Let us hope you have one to offer us in the upcoming days.

    No more time for worded promises. Seeing is believing. Share your vision. Make me a believer, too ...

  • i haven't got that email...

  •  Completely awesome!!:)

  • No email yet. My handle here is Zoz36. My e-mail is I did pay my yearly fee of $25 in April. No word yet as to what is going on in that department either.

  • I have just paid 4000 xanga credits to upgrade as 1 month premium, so does that mean all my entries will be transferred to the new xanga?? Someone answer me pleaseee :'(

  • Any way to import my blog? wilbur.vale(at) username is skyblueofhope

  • Hi there, can you please import my blog? I see nothing there when I logged in.

    My username is puipui619.

    Thanks a lot, appreciate that :)

  • Hi, I just leave a message. Any way to import my blog? I see nothing here, my past means a lot to me. >,<

    Thanks a lot :)

  • ok

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