December 27, 2012

  • Meebo Chatbar

    Hey guys - we've loved hosting Xanga chat through our partner at Meebo, but they were acquired by Google this year and are changing their product priorities.  As a result, they've contacted us about turning off our chat bar... 

    We've been looking into chat usage, and it's actually used by very few of our members.  And we've been investigating, and turning off the chat feature should make Xanga sites load a bit faster.  So we're going to be turning off the chat feature this afternoon.

    Let us know if you come away with a faster browsing experience overall!

Comments (91)

  • Never really used it, so if it means less loading, bring it on!

  • I would look forward to faster loading times! 

  • Too bad. I found it easy to use. But the "TEAM" has been trying to dump that feature for a while.

  • thank you!  That bar always messes up my browser.

  • I didn't like to use Meebo so I'm happy to see it go haha

  • i would also like to say a happy goodbye to that bar, but my concern is xanga going to miss out on some revenue? <--- translated: is xanga ok or should we be just a little worried?

  • Wow. Can't wait to use it. ^_^

  • I actually used the chatbar for the first time in a long time a few days ago.  It became annoying anyway once Google bought them and added all that G+ crap on it (who actually uses G+ anyway?).  The site is now much, much faster now.

  • good idea.  it wasn't used much and seemed more of a bother or clutter than anything else.  thank you!

  • Thank you, it was in the way and did slow down loading.

  • I've used it before several times with a close friend who is no longer on Xanga. I didn't realize it slowed things down. So I'm all for speeding things up.

  • I would hate to see it go!


  • It's so much better.  The only part of the Meebo chat experience that was worthwhile were the emoticons.

  • People had no choise. When the bar was still existing, you could'nt turn it off permanently. Now, as it disappeared, you can not turn it on any more
    Cheers, Michel

  • Pardon me, as I'm the only one, but where do I file my grievance and throw my temper-tantrum? I guess I was one of the ten people that actually used the Meebo.

    @michelmthomas - Actually, you could turn it off. It was in the settings. That's what you find out when you bother to look.

  • I don't think you should get rid of the chat function completely. I didn't like Meebo so therefore I did not use it. When I pay for premium, I want no ads, not even the ones from Meebo. The Meebo bar was also very distracting to me. I know it could be turned off and minimized, but it was still distracting. Some kind of Xanga chat would be great, as long as it is not similar to Meebo.

  • very seade use it but it will be mist i like it becase you can see what friend was on line at the time

  • THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! Finaly I HATED That Bar. the whole site works better because it is gone.

  • I used it sometimes when it was new, but then it got odd and more difficult to use.

    Totally regardless of me hating to chat, I think it's a good way to 'deepen' friendships...idk. I agree with what Erika Steele said.

  • It would have been nice to get a little more notice than "This afternoon" but hey, that's what we get :)

  • I never use that chatbar and it does gets in the way sometimes.

  • Thanks. Maybe you can do something about smutty blogs on Top Blogs. Yesterday there was one of a girl showing her boobies and crotch. Her blogs stayed a full 24 hours on Top Blogs, even making it to Top 10.

  • I'm glad it's gone. I'd much rather have faster loading times.

  • Never used it.

  • I hate chatting and I hated that bar getting in my way. Thank you for getting rid of it. 

  • Thank goodness. That thing was so annoying. >.<

  • It never worked on my site anyway.

  • Yeah , I kinda thought it was unecessary anyway.

  • Glad it's gone.... I didn't really like people knowing I was "on" and having to set to "away" or whatever every time I signed in... Here's to the Xanga Team!

  • xanga chat? what's that? I never noticed it before

  • I block all of the scripts I can and still use the site, so losing the chatbar won't change a thing for me. 

    It would be nice if you could reduce the number of sites where you host the scripts for the blog editor, though. 

  • I've used it a few times.  But most of the time I just turned it off.  

  • Never like it. Thanks for getting rid of it.

    Oh, can you allow us to give Xanga Premium Gift with credits again? It's the best way to get rid of unwanted credits.

  • Woah. I honestly didn't realize the chatbar was gone until I read this. I didn't use it. I did in the beginning though! But I found that it took away from blogging..and from reading.

  • Great idea as I have never sued it either.

  • Faster loading times.....???? What are we talking here milliseconds??? Load times depend on Net connections speeds + server load so that is just a pile of BS. Thanks 'TEAM' having everything in one place is the future why go backwards....??? I will just hook up a chat client and someone else can serve "GGRRR" adds to me.

  • Chop off a man's arms and he'd run faster. This doesn't mean, though, that amputation was a smart move.

  • It was more of an annoyance than anything else. Glad to see it go.

  • I never used the chatbar,   but miss the Xanga TV.

  • I actually prefer the private messages :D  

  • can i pay premium with i tunes?? :D  

  • Maybe we could fix the frontpage tmr afternoon? How about the current top rated sites can have a little box off to the side, and front and center will be handpicked sites. This way you can make sure malicious content doesn't appear either.

    The current frontpage is being abused too much as it is. It's time for a new start. We could probably attract new readers this way too.

  • Much faster loading of the site, all around.

    For those who still want to chat, the BFN toolbar is still available (now I just have to update it). :)

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  • I never use it and I'm constantly exiting out of it cause it's really annoying. 

  • I'm kinda glad it's gone. Meebo's website is always glitchy for me, and Xanga utilizing meebo chat is likely the reason I couldn't access Xanga, and I just recently was able to log into Xanga again, so I'm assuming it's because Meebo is gone. So thanks! I know of all my friends most of them leave their online status invisible anyway, so there are only like three people on chat at any time, so that's no fun.

  • I'll still miss the xanga chat! But faster loading times is better ^_^

    Still think there should be some kind of xanga chat :)

  • Ah yes. Another classic example of why I hate Google. Hopefully they won't just buy Xanga and begin using it to shove Google+ down our throats next. 

    RIP Picnik.

    RIP YouTube.

    RIP Meebo. 

  • @Under_the_Ghillie - hmm ...
    I wondered who
    invented the Meebo ?
    I wondered what it was made for
    and would it ever end - or
    die, and I really wondered why
    it tried to annoy me so ?

    And now it simply passed away
    without a trace, without bey-bey
    and I really wonder why ...
    it had an end and died ...

    What was it made for ?
    Did someone invented it, or
    gave birth to this Meebo ?
    And if there was a spook involved
    who was it, tell me, who !

    Cheers, Michel

  • Ha!  Never even noticed it was gone.

  • Yay!! Finally!

  • Sigh. I used it.  Put it in the bin with Xanga TV (we are still waiting on a replacement for that, as well). My blogs loaded plenty fast. 

    Maybe Xanga could write its own chat bar program?

  • @H2O_mElOnGeEk - Picnik still exists (it's called basically you can still use picnik service at that site :D

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  • I found it irritating when I had to deal with it on other people's blogs, so I'm very glad it's gone.  But then, I'm of the mindset that a blog is for blogging/commenting.  You want to chat, you go to Facebook.  When you try to mix too many things together, you end up like MySpace... feet up.

  • I have never used it so no great loss!

  • @theacematt2 - Oh, well you sure showed me...

    I disabled it, and it wasn't there anymore. I reversed the disabling, and there it was again.

    Call bullshit all you want. Let me know when I should give a fuck.

  • I really liked the chatbar. One of the best xanga upgrades in my opinion. Maybe in the future you guys could figure out something similar?

  • I have a friend I like to talk to on meebo, and now I'm sad.  Can't you have an optional chat bar?

  • Thank you, that meebo bar kinda messed up scrolling... Disqus is the new chat rage, supposed to be easy to install individually, do you support that kind of code? Don't know if it's java.

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  • I just started using it... kind of bummed... not noticing anything faster. maybe when I upload a video blog?

  • Geat idae this thingys too F'in slow loadin

  • Aww man I just started with this,I haven't even tried it out yet

  • dis app is really slow hope u can fix it:(

  • Go ahead, turn off the chat feature as this will contribute to a better experience for users.

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  • HELP! I was trying to change the theme on my page & now? The page is white & I can't even see the bar at the top to change the theme or anything else. I can't even leave the page as the bar is just gone! What in hades did I do & how do I fix it?

  • Who wants a chat anyway, looks good!

  • great. id be using this one for the future

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  • Thanks, the chatbar was annoying.

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  • i never use the chatbar it always lags for me

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  • It became annoying anyway once Google bought them and added all that G+ crap on it (who actually uses G+ anyway?). The site is now much, much faster now.
    Get useful services

  • Hey guys - we've loved hosting Xanga chat through our partner at Meebo,
    but they were acquired by Google this year and are changing their
    product priorities.  As a result, they've contacted us about turning off
    our chat bar...

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